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>> for the second time in three years, -- >> ama: woo-hoo. a big win, now the giants head to playoff. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> alan: i'm. >> alan: lan. the celebration broke out just a short time ago after the giants retired the last san diego padre batter. here live at at&t park live. are they still celebrating? >> you know, alan and amia, they're trickling down but there was a sea of orange and black. the fans did not leave empty
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handed in addition to the huge win tonight, they got this. the giveaway was a pablo sandoval gnome, blowing his bubblegum bubble, and he was a star tonight oomph great memento of an unpouring gettable night. the roaring crowd spilled from their seats into the sidewalks after the giants clincheddededde second n.l. west title in three years. >> how excited are you? >> very excited. >> giants! >> to be here. >> go giants. >> when i'm 69 today. and that's all i wanted was to clinch. >> it was probably the best thing -- best game ever. >> best game ever for the fans and players.
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hunter pence brought all the love back to the loyal giant fans. >> incredibly special. we're all giants, all of us in this together, it really pushes you, really builds you up, and they're positive energy. their excitement. >> the best part of the game was the last three outs. it's been two long years and we're so happy. >> ama: the excitement is not over yet two weeks from today the giants play in the national league divisional series, and the excitement of 2010, you can easily say the excitement of 2010 all over again. of course, we'll have the exact highlights in sports. live at at&t park. abc-7 news. >> ama: here's a perspective of the game from the fans.
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you can see them running along the edge of the field, with the high fives. >> alan: right a after the win the giants tweeted this photo with the caption, mark it down, kim 22, 2012, the official beginning of orange october, we'll have more in 20 minutes with shu and sports. >> ama: extra police officers are patrolling the mission district in case of a third night of vandalism. so far all is quiet. last night an angry mob hit several businesses in response to an officer-involved shooting. this is cell phone video that was taken as 15 people protested. suddenly you can see someone breaking away from the pu pushing over tables and throwing paint balls at a restaurant. >> standing by the door and i hear something very loud outside, basically someone starting to throw table by the window, and they began with a spray color, they started spray a lot of the window.
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>> ama: protesters broke windows at u.s. bank and wells fargo. the night before they hit the prognosis police station. and officers are standing by we riot gear to help. >> alan: san francisco airport officials say a worker was killed when he drove a truck into a private jet. he was 60-year-old ang of daly city. no other information is being released. >> ama: analysis by san jose mercury news says pension reform is doing very little to end double dipping, which isn't illegal but can cost a community big bucks. that's when retired safety workers receive both a retirement and a paycheck. this man is earning a total of $140,000 a year in retirement pace, and salary as san diego
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police chief, and redwood city employs chief grosses 350,000 last year by double dipping from a san jose pension in contra costa county; retiring clayton police chief earns a total of $82,000 last -- 282,000 last year. >> alan: a fire broke out in contra costa county. cal fire used the air tanker to drop fire retardant on the blaze. crews managed to get it under control shortly before 3:00 p.m. no homes were damaged and no injuries were reported. >> record sales for in the new iphone 5 perspective more than ten million expected to be sold. >> alan: today some of the shine has been taken off the phone. there's some big disappointment after waiting in long lines. reporter: sales are still brisk at the palo alto apple store.
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new iphone 5 owners are not shy about showing off their new buy. there are some who found a tiny chip on his phone. >> it's no fun. >> yesterday one customer was quickly whisked into the store by an apple employee after he showed our camera a tiny chip on his phone the employee is heard saying, they will take care of the problem. news of imperfect iphones made their way to our facebook page with more than 50 comments. one writes, blot apple. i'll stay with my incredible. i can make calls. paul b writes, if it's that easy to chip and scratch in the box it came in, i don't want it. sorry, apple, i'm going with he htcx1, and carry, i dropped my older model five times since i bought it. always works. i love it. >> whatever problem apple user may have. they're sold out here in palo
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alto. >> once i want to go buy a phone from sprint. that into it. >> kit is a consumer psychologist at golden gate university. she says people will overlook iphone flaws due to aura left behind by apple's founder. >> the magic surrounding steve jobs left us enable to focus -- unable to focus on the bad qualities. >> a recent spate of ads showing technology the apple doesn't have. it shows a young man wait thing line to buy an iphone. he is using a samsung phone and is only in line so his parents can buy a phone. >> alan: that bitter patent battle between apple and samsung is still brewing. neither side is satisfied with the $1 billion verdict in apple's favor.
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samsung wants a new trial and apple wants an additional $707 million in damages. both companies filed papers to amend or toss out the august verdict. >> ama: the governor signed a bill that makes is easier for women to get contraceptive. it allows nurse ares and mid wives to dispense contraceptives. governor brown described the bill in a planned parenthood clinic today. >> the governor signed a bill about health bills. supporters of the bills say playground can be breeding grounds for disease and are not well maintained. >> mitt is under fire after taking a shot at coloradoful he accused president obama of taking america on a pathway to become like europe. then the said it's even possible we could be on a pathway to
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become like california. romney later said he was only joking. >> ama: let's get to leigh glaser for a check on the weather as we are now in fall, league. >> leigh: we certainly of and live doppler 7hd showing you some clouds that are starting to stream from the north bay to the south bay right now. you can see some cloudy conditions, cloverdale, down towards santa rosa, near the golden gate bridge. i want to see some current temperatures because it's still mild inland. antioch right now, 68. livermore, 68. cooler as you head closer to the coast. 54, san francisco right now. half moon bay, 550. our first full day of fall is tomorrow. >> alan: still to come on abc-7 news at 11:00, a man mauled by a tiger at the bronx zoo. tonight why he says he went into that enclosure and what police say he'll be charged with. plus...
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>> ama: that doesn't look good. billy joe armstrong, on stage, meltdown that he had. why he went to pieces at a music festival in las vegas. >> alan: the counton is on for the emmy [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need all at a great price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot
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>> alan: tonight police in new york are charging a man who
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jumped into a tiger exhibit win trespassing. the tigers weren't so excited about the visitor. a 400-pound cat bit the man on his back and he also broke bones on the fall. the police say the man, quote, wanted to be one with the tigers. >> on the facebook page he has a picture of a tiger so he has a fascination with tigers and say he visited the zoo last month. >> alan: when police asked him why he did it, he responded by saying, everybody in life makes choices. >> ama: a general gender gender discrimination lawsuit against wal-mart will go forward. a judge upheld the plaintiff's right to carry on as a class action class suit. the case began in 2001 when a group of california women claim the company discriminated against female employees.
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national class action suit was thrown out last year. >> alan: movie-goers have a one haas chance to catch a flick at a landmark theater. the theater is closing for good and tomorrow it will show its last picture at 8:30 p.m. according to the san francisco chronicle, th theaters, which currently operates the theater, lost its lease and cannot come to terms with the landlord on a new one. >> ama: the host of this year's emmy awards, jimmy kimmel. the seating charts are being finessed. it's kimmel's first time to host the emmy. >> i decided i'm not going to host the emmys. it was more work than i anticipated. >> last night was the emmy nominee reception.
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this actors like from doubt and abbey cannot believe the popularity. and they dined on wolfgang puck's cuisine. and we start with "on the red carpet" special, followed with the red carpet arrivals. jimmy -- >> alan: it was a bad night for lead singer billy joe armstrong. >> one minute [bleep] >> you're going to give me [bleep] one minute? >> alan: armstrong was so upset about his set being cut short at last night's iheart radio concert in las vegas, the threw fate on stage after being told he had only one minute left to perform. he smashed his guitar and stomped off the stage. witnesses say his set was cut short to give usher more time to perform.
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>> ama: the drama! >> leigh: happy fall. happy fall everyone. arrived early this morning. didn't feel like it. oakley and brentwood, even antioch, with temperatures today in the 90s. you can see from the live sky view, we are seeing mainly clear sky inland, and around san francisco, although the live doppler 7hd still picking up some clouds. some low clouds, even high clouds drifting in. cloverdale, santa rosa, san francisco, seeing the cloud cover, we'll take you in closer. santa rosa, check out this over much of the north bay, novato, golden gate bridge so we'll see he thigh hi clouds move across the bay you're tonight. here's a look at highs for today. it 90 today in antioch. 90 the high in cloverdale. santa rosa, 87.
2:18 am
san francisco,, 70. and san jose, 84. currently we are still holding heat inland. 56, calm winds, clear sky, in santa rosa. 56 degrees. 54 in san francisco, los gatos, 50 degreesle the forecast, we'll continue with high clouds overnight, possibility of low cloudiness near the coast. this will give us a klieg -- slight cooling trend and then get ready for warm temperatures the middle and latter part of the work week. overnight temperature inside the 50s around the bay area. we may touch the cool pocket areas in the north bay, mid-to upper 40s, and we'll look for this area of low pressure right here. just going to scoot to the north of us. you can see the clouds associated with it. and that's going to move in here tomorrow. it will bring us increasing high clouds throughout your sunday
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and that is going to keep kind of a cap on our daytime highs. we look for slight cooling by tomorrow afternoon. in fact here's a look at the highs for your sunday. 82 for santa rosa, 66 for san francisco, oakland, a little cooler, than we were today. 72 degrees, mid-80s for antioch, and livermore. concord, 83. 79 expected high tomorrow for san jose, accept -- santa cruz, high clouds, 75 there. 73 for watsonville, and 81 for hollister. here's the seven-day forecast. a slight dip in temperatures with high clouds on sunday. not much change for monday. we are getting offshore winds monday night and tuesday so breezy in that direction, and then thursday, friday, saturday, warm back up. mid-90s inland, mid-8s so around the bay, and 60s at the coast. a little travel weather in a little bit. >> ama: look forward it to. >> alan: listen up.
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abc-7 is bat to make someone $49,000 richer. >> ama: that's a big deal. so so excited for the october 18th 49ers game that we're giving away $49,000. if you like us on facebook, click the win $49,000 button on the page, and like at abc-7 news. >> alan: we'll announce the winner right after the san francisco 49ers take on the seattle seahawks, right here on abc-7. >> ama: all right. a lot of excitement in the sports world tonight. we love or giants. >> mike: we do. a little bit of everything. the champagne was on ice and the g men to had to win to clinch the national league west, and how sweet it is, the giants win their second n.l. west title in the last three years. that brings back memories. hi
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>> mike: the giants clinched their second national league west title with a win over the padres at at&t park. with buster posey the only remaining player not on the mound. sandoval, seals it. look out. flips over the fence. it's worth another luck. still has time to blow a bubble. that's a lot of pablo landing in your lap. bottom four, scutaro, what a pickup he has been. shines a single to center. the two brandons score, belt and crawford. giants have a 5-cushion. eight inning of, bab don belts to opposite field. giants up 8-4, in the ninth sergio romo, gets cot say to send one to center. pagan makes the catch. the giants win the national league west with an 8-4 victory.
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giant fans on fire, and on the celebration, wow. >> feels great. a wonderful feeling. a lot of hard work, and good baseball. and we have a long way to go. >> just have to know -- have to win the best game. >> we're just playing well, one through nine. the bull pen is doing well, and pitching, and we're grouping together and playing as a team. >> mike: congratulations. the a's and o's battling for the wild card spot in the american league. took 14 ex-to decide the winner against the yankees. new york, new york, brook -- brooklyn bridge. cespedes with a double. scores smith. a's up 2-0. oakland starter, blackley pulled after two innings. wild pitch gets past the catcher. then in the third, steven drew,
2:26 am
gets all of this one. his fourth as an oakland a. the a's trail 4-3. this one went into extra innings, tied at 5 in the 12th steve pierce robs reddick to end the inning. rustling martin, one to first. ibanez coming home. a play at the make, norris holds on, the a's brock out the big lumber in the 13th. johnny gomes, see ya. a two-run blast. cespedes and chris fowler follow with solo home runs. then yankees respond, scoring four times ibanez, ties it at nine. the 14th, yankees end it. nunez grounds one to first. brandon moss boots its. ichiro scores on the error. yankees win a thriller. 10-the good-10-9 the final. >> at bore and oakland.
2:27 am
baltimore on top thanks to the triple but boston battles back. side in the eight. podsednik double. we head to extras. baltimore opens it up with three runs in the 12th. the may scores the winning run. orioles win 9-6. now two games up on the as. >> college football, cal faces usc, bears struggling in the red zone, 0-5. you cannot
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>> mike: cal's struggles on the road continue. a beautiful day in l.a. reached 93 degrees. 158-yard rushing, 33 right here for six. untouched. trojans, 7-0. matt barkley didn't throw a td fence stanford. rem remedied that.
2:31 am
struggles in the red zone. zach maynard picked off. and barkley for the second tdo the game. usc beats cal. cal now 1-3 on the season. >> san jose on the road against san diego state. he's gone. 97 yards. spartans on top. 10-'. second quarter, the connection with leah ena. 38-34 the final. this sports right brought to you by river rock
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>> ama: good evening. >> alan: in tonight's headlines, a roaring crowd spilled from
2:35 am
their seats on the seahawks after the san franciscoclinch gs clinch their second national league west title in three years. >> ama: no violence in san francisco's mission district after two nights of protests. vandals hit several businesses in response to an officer-involved shooting. tonight there's extra police on the streets. >> alan: cal fire used a tanker to drop fire retard canned on a blaze near brentwood. >> ama: now to the race for the white house. the candidates were on the campaign trail today. mitt romney wrapping up a fundraising tour in california that began right here in the bay area. today the vice-presidential candidates carried much of the campaign load. karen traverse reports. >> with what is seemed solidly in probe robe corner, but just
2:36 am
six weeks before election day the badger state may be up for grabs. today the president made his first stop in wisconsin since february. mitt romney has been there 1 times since then. in 2008 mr. obama won wisconsin by 14 points but new poles show a tight race. romney was fundraising in california today, so the heavy lifting fell to his running mat, who stumped the florida. >> the president came in with hope and change. well, hope is farther away from us. >> ripe said the obama administration has failed on the economy. >> we must restore the american idea of opportunity. of upward mobility. >> and biden was in new hampshire. the granite state has only four electoral votes but both campaigns are fighting hard for them. >> never, never, never, have we built this country from the top
2:37 am
down. it's always been guilt from the -- been built from the middle out. >> rallying residents say romney would take the country backwards. >> they're doubling down on agency that caused the economic crisis in the first place. reporter: the sprint to election day will only get more intense. absentee ballots are already available in wisconsin and there is some form of early voting in all the other battleground states. >> ama: sarah palin is resurrecting her old sayings and is urging mitt romney and paul ryan to go rogue the formerlab governor says the g.o.p. needs to step up and talk about the national debt in order to win the election. >> alan: this is what happened when you don't pay attention the privacy settings on your facebook page. a birthday party in a small dutch town turned into a riot after party invitation went viral. it was originally planned as a
2:38 am
small gathering for a 16-year-old girl but win she posted the detail on facebook, some 3,000 revelers descended on the town. some wore t-shirts with project x, a reference the film project x that portrayed an out of control house party. 36 people were injured, and 34 people were arrested. >> and speaking of parties, if you're a beer drink arer, the place to be today is munich, germany. the city's mayor tapped the first keg to kick off oktoberfest. six million people are expected to party in munich. the festival that started the 1810, features music, food, and beer served by the lite liter. the philadelphia -- philosophy -- the festival runs until october 7th. >> we'd like to share a story that could be a real life fairy tale. a man on vacation in ireland spots a woman and is smitten. too submit ton get her number. now more than a year later with
2:39 am
little to go on he is back on the emerald isle with a quest to find her. >> it's like the movie serendipity, where a chance encounter leads to a search for love. >> destiny. >> meet the movie leap 'er. leap year, where amy anderson searches ireland for her soul mite. now canadian dentist sandy crawford is following his heart on a similar downy. it start inside the irish countryside last summer when crocker met a young woman, they chatted briefly and she was gone, and but as time passed it became clear she was the one. now crocker has set out for ireland once more, giving himself one month to find the girl. the only problem? he didn't know her name. or even where she is from. but he did tell us this. she is 56th with freckled and
2:40 am
reddish brown hair. not exactly rare features for ireland. but sandy hopes that like the movie, he'll ultimately get the girl, too. >> ama: maybe it will happen. >> ama: a warn being peanut butter. >> alan: the power behind the brand new exploratorium in san francisco. >> leigh: we'll do a little traveling. doesn't feel like fall here but back east it does.
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>> ama: a washing about a possible salmonella problem with peanut butter. 29 people in 18 states have gotten sick. the jars care the number 9 -11-1. you can return the peanut butter to trader joe's for a full refund. studies show more links between sugary drinks and obesity. study says getting rid of the drinks from your child's diet,
2:44 am
and the sports drink can switch on the -- >> alan: there's an ambitious goal for the new museum to produce as much or more power as it uses. dan ashley got a tour of the science experiment now turning into real life. reporter: ever since the exploratorium opened in 1969, this hands are on science museum has been known for innovation. that tradition is on full display some the design of the exploratorium's new home, a historic pier. pier 15 sticks out more than 800 feet over the water, a giant warehouse type building that could eat up a lot of power. so he engineers are trying something different, net zero energy. peter rossy is a true believer. >> part research, part getting people to get excited about it, and then sheer determination.
2:45 am
>> net sear rove means the building will create at least as much energy at is uses. the power comes from this huge field of high efficiency solar panels on the roof. made by a silicon valley group, and they're expected to generate 1.3 mega watts. about what it takes to run a thousand american homes for a year. >> differently on this panel is all black no metal on the front0. so all sunshine goes into the cell. >> that's just the start to reach net zero, the new exploratorium has to use less power. >> the main reason that net zero approach is possible is because the new building it right next the bay and the cool water here, and in order to heat and cool the building they're able to use the water in a very clever way. >> this pump room is the guts of the system. s the bay right there. >> bay water comes into the building through a giant filter. >> we bring the water in at a very slow speed so in fish get
2:46 am
sucked up through it. so this is the saming at the knowledge used in a aquarium. another set of filters get the small microorganisms houston. >> you're talking about the cellar level? >> exactly. >> what's left? >> stairs still salt and other minerals. >> the water is pumped through a heat exchanger. inside state-of-the-art technology pulls heat out of the water in squirt cools it in the summer. pipes carrying it all over the building like a giant. [radio] at -- radiators. >> this room is going be to part of the exhibit to explain how the building works. >> that's fascinating. so everyone, every visitor will be able to see what we're seeing here. >> there will be a brand new building, glass observatory with spectacular views. but all these windows make controlling the temperature a real challenge.
2:47 am
>> we compensated for that by using superenergy efficient glass. >> the tiny lines at the top and bottom russ heat and make the glass visible to birds so they don't fly into it. work on the redesigned pier is almost 90% finished but reaching net zero energy will take more time. >> we have 200 -- 2,000 monitoring points that will help us determine what is working and what is not. >> that information will be used to fine-tune the energy systems over time with the final goal of becoming the largest museum in the country that creates as much powers as it uses. >> alan: the old exploratorium at the palace of fine arts will be open through january 2nd. the new building is expected to open sometime next spring. >> ama: we have a link to what you need to know to visit. it's under "see it on tv". >> alan: let's check in with the weather. leigh glaser is standing by. leg league heading down to
2:48 am
southern california, i don't think you're going 0 to have any delays. you can see plenty of sunshine there. clear sky. l.a. tomorrow, 86. san diego, mild, 85. palm springs, 106. sacramento, 90. lake tahoe, almost fall-like with 72 degrees. speaking of fall, fall color, head back east. chicago, 59 tomorrow. with sunshine. minneapolis, clear and 57. a chance of showers from boston down towards new york city. new york tomorrow, 70 degrees. afternoon thunderstorms for miami. 88. salt lake city, 8 5. and tomorrow morning we'll look for a few high clouds around the bay area, few low clouds near the coast. temperatures in the 50s. by lunchtime we'll climb into the 70s inland. 60s around the bay. 4:00, a little cooler as the high clouds will probably put a cap on our daytime highs. it will still be mild next 80s inland, 0s in the bay, 60s at the coast.
2:49 am
won't be until wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures move back up into the 90s inland. 80s around the bay, mid-60s at the coast. >> alan: thank you very much, league. am mike shumann is here with sports and we are celebrating all things orange. mike cnational l say national le west champions? the giants can as they clinch tonight, beading the [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet
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with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need all at a great price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. go to our website below to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. that includes access on-the-go to our entire national wi-fi hot spot network, with over 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪
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>> get on a winning streak. we're playing good ball right now. great ball. been playing some good teams and getting it done. how you want to go into playoffs. >> mike: manager and the giants clinch the second national league west title with a win of the padres. check out this play by pablo sandoval. the panda. chasing it down. over the fence. snow cone catch. what a great play. look at him blowing the bubble. concentration, and a snow cone on the top of the glovment. >> bottom four, scutaro.
2:53 am
how good has this bygyn. brandon belt and brandon crawford score. to the eighth. giants ahead 7- 4. brandon belt, solo shot. seventh of the year. let's close it out. in the ninth, romo, facing kotsay. line drive to center. angel pagan says, let the celebration begin. giants win the national league west with an 8-4 victory. celebration begins. what a season. >> feels great. wonderful feeling. a lot of hard work and good baseball, and we have a long way to go. >> we have to play the best game. >> we're just playing well one through nine. the bull pen is doing well. the pitching is there. and we're working together and playing as a team. >> mike: giants are in. how about the a rz? as and oss battling and took
2:54 am
14 innings to decide a winner against the yankees. we're in new york. third inning, steven drew. gets all of this one. a solo shot. fourth as an as. this one went to extra inning. tied in the 12 when reddick is robbed to end the inning. now bottom 12, russell martin to first. ibanez coming home. going to have a play at the plate. norris will hold on. ibanez is out. 13th. a's broke out the big lumber. johnny gomes, out of petaluma. two-run shot off freddy garcia. cespedes and carter fall with home runs. yankees respond, scoring four. then in the 14th. yankees finally init. nunez grounds to first, moss boots it. and yankees win it 10-9. as' two games back of the top
2:55 am
wild card spot. >> cal's strugglings on the road continue. beautiful day in l.a. reached 93. big day for usc running back tyler, transferred from penn state. 33 rushing here. matt barkley, didn't throw any td throws against stanford last week. this one here to lee who had 11 catches. 14-3, usc. cal, 0-4 in the red zone. maynard picked up a here, 173-yard and two picks. barkley finds lee for the second td of the game. usc beats cal. cal falls to 1-3. >> played two tough road games against very good teams, and came out in the second half and there was a lot of opportunities. we just couldn't put it in the red zone. but there's a lot of good things there. with some things weed in to improve on as well. >> mike: pga staging the tour championships. top 30 players battling for the
2:56 am
title in atlanta. shift -- shot of the day from luke donald. right on line. two bounces. nothing but net. eagle. these guys are good. tiger woods stumbled to a 3-over 73 yesterday. bounded back with a 3-under 67 today. the par save. four off the lead. brandted? ter, 664. has yesterday to miss a putt. tied for the lead with justin rose. jim furyk was tied for the lead today. then pulls a tee shot way left. into the drink. takes a triple bogey. should be an interesting sunday in the final round. this abc-7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino and if you can believe off the world series ten out of 2010, only one starter, buster posey. a completely new game. it will be interesting to watch this young team.
2:57 am
>> ama: that dot is for this edition of abc-7 news. captioned by closed captioning services inc. úd
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